A simple full featured email system

Below is a demo of RheeboMail. As you can see the user experience is basic and easy to use. You can easily see what drafts you have, the emails that you have sent, recurring email campaigns, event based emails and even the ones you cancelled.

Select Sent in the menu below and then on the graph icon to see how the email did.


Create & Manage unlimited subscriber lists. Lists can be Public or Private for internal use only. Quickly see number of active, unsubscribed, and bounced emails for each list. A visual graph shows the list growth over past several months.

Full Featured

Automatically tracks each email and its link activity. Automated bounce management keeps your lists clean and healthy and contribute to accurate and informative reports.

Template Driven

A familiar editor allows you to author your email content using any content. It’s easy to create your own using the editor, cut and paste pre-defined newsletter content, or simply change the placeholder values of the default template specified by an administrator.


Create a New Campaign Campaign
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